Delmor 1
Tagiler Lied
Der Sang von Lord Angus
Ballade der Tapferkeit
Ein stolzes Schiff
T. seht die stolze Fahne
Visit my whiskey
Einfach besser
Andre, die das Land

von Franz Öfele

McAaron, McGrath and Roary McPhee
They came for a visit,
For my whiskey to see...

We looked at my vat for the bottom to see
when I saw the first glimpse
I fell to my knee.

My cottages door fell open - a crash
In came three women (or six?...)
Who were in a mash

They were Mam McAaron, Mam McGrath and Madam McPhee
And leading the bunch was my lady
You see?

They raised a great ruckus,
Came chazing for me
In a corner McAaron, McGrath and McPhee

My dragon was fuming,
Threw splinters an wood
She broke up my barrel and smashed it for good

In a hurry I went to the field
For some ploughing to do
In my backside still stuck the tip of her shoe...

McAaron, McGrath and the spouses McPhee
They went to their homesteads in a merry melee
Next week I go visit
for their whiskey to see...